Bold outcomes stem from simplicity

Keeping things simple is a core philosophy that drives us in our pursuit of crafting purpose-built solutions to drive data-led transformation for organizations. 




With its origin in Sanskrit, Sahaj means “simplicity”. Meaning: natural; original; innate; spontaneous.

Our Values

Our work and our interactions with people both within and outside the organization is underpinned by the ethos of trust, respect, curiosity and craftsmanship.


Being able to take outrageous leaps without fear of failure.


Being cognizant of each individual’s value and contribution.


Being relentless in the pursuit of asking questions.


Being at the cusp of engineering and artistry.

Focus Areas

As an artisanal software engineering firm, we focus on transforming businesses and delivering impact by combining software engineering, AI & ML, platform & data engineering (and more)!

As tech advisors, we review the current state of the technology against the stated purpose, highlight risks and differentiators, and recommend a road map that can lead to informed decision-making and better risk management.

Our Thinking

What we do is as important as how we do it; it lends our solutions a distinct fingerprint. Our execution methodology is nimble and instituted to enable our clients from the get-go.

First principles thinking
Lean cohesive teams
Always enabling clients
Simplifying complex problems