Tech Advisory

The role of technology in influencing key decision-making such as investments, valuations, mergers or acquisitions, posing critical questions such as maturity, MOAT, scalability, recurring cost of operations, ability to innovate, extensibility etc., is indisputable. 

As tech advisors, we undertake technical due diligence or tech assessment to review the current state of the technology against the stated purpose, highlight risks and differentiators, and recommend a road map that can lead to informed decision-making and better risk management.

Technology due diligence is a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the tech-related aspects of a company or business. It is often performed as part of mergers and acquisitions, or prior to making any major investments decision, forging partnerships or other strategic business transactions. The purpose of tech due diligence is to meticulously examine the technology infrastructure, systems, processes and intellectual property of the prospect company to identify risks, opportunities and value drivers.
As part of our Tech DD offering, we cover the following aspects:
a) Analysis of the overall technology solution, its architecture, technology choices, infra strategy, team organisation & maturity, operations and IP.
b) Key gaps and risks in the overall solution
c) Recommendations including a roadmap
The goal is to ensure that the technology assets align with the strategic objectives of the acquirer or investor and that there are no unforeseen issues that could impact the success of the transaction.


Technical Assessment is an independent unbiased assessment of the current state of the technical solutions and a review of any proposed roadmap for the business. The specific focus and scope of a tech assessment can vary depending on the goals and objectives of the organization and can include readiness for growth, expansion, improving operations management, enhancing resilience, optimizing IT infrastructure, preparing for digital transformation and more. It provides a foundation for strategic planning and decision-making, helping organizations align their technology with business goals and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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