Empowering Mission-Driven Organizations

Sahaj was founded on the idea of reducing exploitation in the technology industry. With the Sahaj Impact Program we do more. We offer our technology expertise to advance the goals of mission-driven organizations. 

We work with nonprofits, NGOs, and social benefit corporations to design and implement appropriate and responsible software and AI systems that increase program reach, build engagement, and improve program effectiveness.

Sahaj Impact provides these core offerings at reduced rates:

Purpose-built AI and Software Systems

Put Sahaj’s expertise in AI & Data Science, Data Engineering, Application and Platform Engineering in service of your organization’s mission.

Proposals and RFP assistance

We help you design and cost technology supported activities to improve your proposals. For grant makers, we help define technology activities in RFPs to set your grantees up for success from the very beginning.

Strategic Insights for Amplified Impact

Our Technology Strategy Assessment and Strategy Development offerings will help bring clarity to your technology approach and investments.

Technology Due-diligence

We provide an unbiased third party assessment of technology platforms and potential partners.

Can We Help You Better Achieve Your Mission?

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