The idea of starting our company was conceived when we (5 of us) were thinking of quitting our jobs. We had two choices in front of us, one was to join another corporate job or the other, not really an option at that time was to start something on our own. To be honest, when one of us suggested to start a company the initial reaction from the rest was hysterical. We thought it was a foolish idea to even think of starting a company as none of us had the aggressive, risk taking personality that is considered to be a must to start a company.

But slowly this idea started growing on us. We all knew one thing, there is something common in all 5 of us which is not making us join another corporate job. What is that one thing? Is it hunger for more money, or fame or both or neither?

Well if it was just money then maybe the corporate job would have helped, as we all have decent experience in the industry and getting a fat package would not have been a big deal. So that was ruled out. Fame? If it was it then some of us were already holding or had relinquished key public facing positions, so looked like that was not the one as well.

This made all of us thinking, what is it that we want to do. We have some vague memories of one of our chai (tea) session when we were looking at the board of a company and said that we would be really proud and happy, if we can ever create a company which is a collection of nice people, who are passionate about solving problems for people, who feel excited every morning to come to work, and work not for working but for fun and enjoyment.

Well that was it! Personally, this is what I want in life, no corporate politics, no more hiding things from people, no more discussing something in private but saying something else in front of larger audience, no more hidden agendas of exploiting people by motivating them by giving false assurances. Instead create something which is free of all this and has more of a fun and family element to it and where grooming young talent is way of life. Can we create a company where people work like friends and family members and not like corporate clerks who are ready to step on each other to get the next promotion. Can we create a company where people own every part of the company and truly participate in major decisions of the company, where having open debates is encouraged, where having brutal transparency is a must, where trusting your fellow team members is a prerequisite, where laughter, jokes and fun accompany us everyday at work and where solving most complex problems is a way of life.

With this thought started our journey of forming our company, our Sahaj!