While there are multiple reasons why I feel Sahaj is Unique, here are few reasons which are on top of my mind

Every Sahajeevi has a set of aspirations for Sahaj, where one of the experienced Consultant aspires Sahaj to be one of the techno geeky brand, Sahajeevis should be considered as experts in the Tech community, associate Sahaj as premium technology consulting firm, enabling sahajeevis to contribute to more open source projects & define Sahaj as bunch of technology problem solvers.

Another very experienced Design consultant aspires to inculcate the design thinking approach while solving the problems in a such a way that Service design gets redefined itself & becomes a part of delivery from an explicit Service offering.

There are no roles,grades or levels: There are no roles such as Devs, QA, BAs & PM. Everyone including the Directors are Solution Consultants. All Directors work with the project delivery teams as Solution Consultants. Few of the consultants carry out sales & some take the responsibilities to interface with the customer only to fill bridges between the customer & the delivery teams. There are no boundaries to what you can explore to build new skill set.

Voice your opinion: At Sahaj we firmly believe that every member has a liberty to speak up & speak their minds & voice their opinion. We have an open salary structure, everyone can view everyone’s salary. We had an open discussion to decide on what salary figures should each of the Director’s should draw. In-fact they had to present themselves with certain aspects like their past experiences, area of expertise, what salary figures they drew in their previous stints during the Directors salary revision & what are new challenges, expectations from them towards Sahaj, like they were being hired as an employee from outside. In the due course of discussion, the outcome of this session was completely different. We came up with new set of challenges which each of the founder/Director’s would take up to take the organization to the next level. Some of the goals were set by some of us & some of them by the founders themselves.

There are no hierarchies: Sahaj doesn’t have any hierarchies, no Sahaj member reports into any other member. We address our employees as members unlike any other typical organization.

While some of you might feel every Start up has all the above things mentioned & fade away eventually as the organization grows big in size & becomes another giant service company which we all are of aware of. Sahaj strongly believes that growth does not essentially mean growing in size with respect to no of people & revenue. Growth avenue for Sahaj means the number of impacts the consultants of Sahaj have created on the Client’s business as technology Business partner. We at Sahaj are striving to create a small but impactful brand.