Talon, a specialist Out-of-Home (OOH) agency, embarked on a digital transformation journey in partnership with Sahaj, aiming to re-imagine OOH by utilizing technology to not just automate, simplify and optimise outcomes but also incorporate cutting-edge technologies to make the medium attributable. Three purpose-built platforms emerged from this collaborative journey:

Plato – Unified Campaign Planning System:

Plato revolutionizes OOH inventory management by aggregating paper and digital inventory across multiple markets into a single intuitive campaign planning and delivery system. It allows users to explore, plan, check availability, reserve, and trade paper and digital inventory across multiple markets through direct integrations with media owners and industry systems.

Plato rapidly ingests, processes and stores data to the tune of a billion data points for optimized brand/business radius searches and eventually enable precise campaign planning.

Atlas – Programmatic OOH Solution:

Atlas introduces programmatic automation to OOH advertising. It streamlines tasks for advertisers and facilitates the launch of intelligent and effective digital OOH campaigns. Powered by state-of-the-art algorithm, Atlas processes millions of data points within seconds, strategically selecting digital advertising frames that align with the target audience.

Ada – Audience Segmentation and Campaign Management:

Ada leverages advanced data science models to analyze billions of device-level audience data points, real-world locations and advertising inventory. This enables granular audience segmentation, intelligent decision-making, campaign management and ROI tracking. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Airflow, Apache Spark, Terraform, PostgreSQL and Micronaut/Spring, Ada operates in near-real time to recognize, classify and relay behaviours for a cohort of individuals.


Plato’s Efficiency Boost: Talon’s planning and buying teams now operate with remarkable efficiency; they have witnessed a 50% increase in productivity. The campaign lifecycle is now streamlined and users can plan and book campaigns in just 5 minutes.

Ada’s Game-Changing Role: Navigating the OOH landscape with Talon’s Ada has been hugely successful for businesses such as McDonald’s and Starbucks who have used it for their brand building campaigns.

To launch Starbucks’ new Blonde Espresso Roast, for instance, Ada built a custom behavioural audience profile of frequent visitors to high street coffee houses over a 6-month-period. The best performing large format digital inventory was then selected for OOH media buy. Finally, the campaign was measured against brand metrics to determine its effectiveness.

Ada can deliver stronger brand payback in terms of consideration and purchase intent – even more than digital and social media. Ada planning is nearly twice as likely to shift brand consideration compared to digital advertising.

Atlas’ Unmatched Influence: Atlas’ impact is evident across driving middle funnel metrics and shifting bottom funnel metrics closely linked to digital and social advertising. 

When looking at Atlas versus OOH norms and Talon Traditional planning, Atlas is able to deliver stronger results across Ad Recall, Brand Preference and Purchase Intent. It drives 2.3x stronger uplifts in Brand Preference and 1.6x stronger uplifts in Purchase Intent versus traditional planning. Average uplifts across Atlas campaigns in Brand Preference have seen a year on year increase of +78%.

By deploying Plato, Atlas and Ada, Talon has positioned itself at the forefront of data-driven OOH advertising, proving that technology can revolutionize even the most traditional sectors.