What we do

Purpose-built Solutions & Technology Advisory

We unlock the full potential of data for our clients. Our pedigree of solving complex problems in software engineering amplifies the different aspects of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data science.

We focus on the small yet important things that make a difference to an AI solution that’s best for you. Go beyond what’s good enough for many by crafting your AI to make you and your business smarter.

Client Story
Creative Approvals with Computer Vision
Intelligent automation of creative reviews and approval to be compliant with specific guidelines.
Client Story
AI-based Test Prep Solution
Redesign of data model and technology architecture to massively scale the number of concurrent users for a test prep and scoring platform.
Client Story
Partnering to build an advanced analytics product
Client Story
Content Discovery Product
Custom-built natural language processing solution for a global content digitization and aggregation company.