In the pursuit of continuous improvement and industry transformation, we partnered with a leading automotive giant on a journey to modernise its digital ecosystem. This endeavour aimed to not only enhance the core products and technologies but also stimulate innovation, scale operations and instil data-led strategies at the heart of its operations.

Connected Vehicle Platform – Enhancing Consumer Experience:

The purpose-built Extensible Data Platform revolutionizes the post-purchase usage lifecycle of vehicles. It facilitates real-time vehicle health and telemetry data, efficient fleet and trip management, tracking, safety alerts and geo-location services. It also integrates a seamless digital experience offering services like maps, trip summary, food options, entertainment and more, simplifying the journey for vehicle users. Additionally, it monitors driving behaviours for a safer and smarter driving experience.

Enterprise Manufacturing Platform – Streamlining Production:

This platform consolidates and digitizes legacy systems to provide real-time visibility into the manufacturing process. It tracks vehicle genealogy including parts, machines and software versions, thereby enhancing production planning and inventory management. It also works towards minimizing instances of recalls and ensures efficient purchase processes for inventory management.

Unified Engagement Platform – Intelligent Data Highway:

A versatile platform, it acts as an information superhighway, translating data from various systems into actionable information for internal and external users. It offers features like auto-lead registration, customer persona analysis, automated test drive booking, payslip management and real-time production updates. The platform goes beyond by enabling AI-based conversation engines for distress messages, with support for multi-lingual and multi-script chat for a rich stakeholder engagement experience.

Tech enhancements by leveraging LLM’s:

Multi-lingual chat capability – Leveraging state-of-the-art NLP (Natural Language Processing) Large Language Models for context understanding, information extraction, and multilingual capabilities. Transformer-based dialogue management was employed for use-case-specific customization. The AI engine’s robust platform engineering and data pipelines formed the foundation of this innovation.


Connected Vehicle Platform: The custom-built Connected Vehicle Platform (CVP) has enabled differentiated experiences for various customer and product segments. It aggregates data from OEM and aftermarket telematics control units, driving innovation across 5+ digital products serving 0.5 million vehicles and generating over 2TB of data daily.

Enterprise Manufacturing Platform: The event-driven custom platform, seamlessly integrated with legacy systems, powers new-age digital manufacturing solutions. It reduces deployment time and eliminates the need for costly upgrades, delivering substantial business benefits.

This journey of digital transformation stands as a testament to the power of technology and innovation in reshaping a leading automotive giant’s digital ecosystem, enhancing consumer experiences, streamlining production and fostering intelligent stakeholder engagement.