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Encouraging human ingenuity

We are not a software factory that relies on regimented processes and rigid methods, we are proponents of out-of-box thinking and fearless creativity; our fluid workplace is a breeding ground for bold, experimental ideas - come, experience it!

Home to artisans

At Sahaj, small, decentralized teams promote independent authority and freedom to solve problems creatively. This path nurtures the artisan in every individual as they craft purpose-built solution for clients.

Leading the path

At Sahaj, you will be at the helm, solving the most important problems for clients in teams that trust you, respect your craft and expect you to relentlessly pursue what is best for the client.

First principles thinking

Resumes and certificates are passé. We look at your code or how you pair with one of us to solve a problem. We want to see how you put the basics to work and challenge assumptions or conventions in the pursuit of a better solution.

Open Roles

Solution Consultant

Who are we?

Sahaj is an artisanal, software engineering consultancy built on the values of trust, respect, curiosity and craftsmanship. We deliver purpose-built solutions to drive data-led transformation for organizations. Our emphasis is on craft as we create solutions with a razor-sharp focus to solve complex business and technology challenges and provide customers with a competitive edge.

Why Sahaj?

You will feel at home if you are hands-on and are passionate about building things using technology. We are extremely selective with our consultants and as such, are able to run our teams with fewer levels of management. You won’t find a BA or iteration manager here! We work in small pizza-teams of 2-5 people where a well-founded argument holds more weight than years of experience.

What you’ll do?

  • You will work with clients across domains like retail, banking, publishing, education, adtech and more.
  • You will be given ownership of your work, and encouraged to propose alternatives and make a case for doing things differently; our clients trust us.
  • Collaborate with Data Scientists and Engineers to deliver production quality AI and Machine Learning systems.
  • Build frameworks and supporting tooling for data ingestion from a complex variety of sources.
  • Consult with our clients on data strategy, modernizing their data infrastructure, architecture and technology.
  • Model their data for increased visibility and performance.
  • The teams you work with will have experienced and smart people with no roles.
  • The team will self-organize without oversight to own and deliver solutions end to end.
  • You will work in short sprints to deliver working software.
You can read more about What we do and What we think

Skills you will need

  • Demonstrated experience as a Data Engineer (preferably 5+ years experience).
  • Deep understanding of technology fundamentals and experience with languages like Python or functional programming languages like Scala.
  • Demonstrated experience in design and development of big data applications using a Spark-based tech stack.
  • Commendable skills in building data products by integrating large sets of data from hundreds of internal and external sources would be highly critical.
  • A nuanced understanding of code quality, maintainability and practices like Test Driven Development.
  • Understanding CI/CD. Understanding of Cloud platforms, DevOps, GitOps, Containers.
  • Willingness to be a polyglot developer and learn multiple technologies.


At Sahaj, people’s collective stands for a shared purpose where everyone owns the dreams, ideas, ideologies, successes and failures of the organisation - a synergy that is rooted in the ethos of honesty, respect, trust, and equitability. Our culture nurtures and demands creativity, ownership, curiosity and craftsmanship.


  • Unlimited annual leave
  • Paid life insurance & private health insurance
  • Profit share
  • Employee stock options
  • Culture built on trust and transparency (we have open salaries!)
  • Challenging work & experienced colleagues


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