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Encouraging human ingenuity

We are a company that thrives because of our people. We are not a software factory that relies on regimented processes or rigid methods to reduce our dependence on human talent. That is why everything at Sahaj is designed with a singular objective of encouraging human ingenuity.

Nurture and culture, not nature

Artisanship is not about a degree nor about pedigree. We look for for ingenuity and expertise, and not at your college, certifications, or your past places of work.

Your ability to be an artisan is about nurture and culture, and not just nature. That is why we always work in small, flat, and decentralized teams. So you have independent authority to make important decisions and the freedom to approach, own, and solve problems creatively. We’ve intentionally chosen this path over a traditional hierarchy or a prescriptive process, and it works what we do - for the client, for a better solution, and for you to nurture your artisanal expertise.

Are you ready to be a technology artisan?

We are very unlike other technology companies. We don’t just solve hard problems, we make it fun. You will experience how we are different at every step of our selection process.

Beyond resumes or certificates, we look at your code or how you pair with one of us to solve a problem with code. Show us how you can go back to the basics and challenge assumptions or conventions in the pursuit of a better solution, We give you a glimpse into how we work and the company you will keep, so we can inspire the artisan in you to shine most brilliantly.

Taking greater responsibility

At Sahaj, you will always be solving the most important problems for our clients. You won’t ever be an assembly line worker in a software factory.

Instead, you will always work in teams that trust you and respect your craft. This comes with a responsibility that you are always looking for the best ways to solve client problems. For that, you have to speak up when things aren’t right, evaluate ideas on their merits, and build things to fix what’s broken. If you are ready for that kind of responsibility, then we want to work with you.

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